Johnson reveals how Putin threatened to kill him before invading Ukraine

Johnson reveals how Putin threatened to kill him before invading Ukraine

Jan 31 2023

ARK News… Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said, in a BBC documentary, that Russian President Vladimir Putin “threatened him in some way” before invading Ukraine, telling him “with a missile, it will take a minute.”

In the three-part documentary, which BBC broadcasts its first episode on Monday evening, Johnson recounts his "very long" and "extraordinary" call with the Russian President after his visit to Kyiv in early February.

At the time, Putin continued to stress that he had no intention of invading his neighbor, despite the massive influx of Russian soldiers into the border regions. Johnson says he warned Putin of harsh punishments that Westerners might take if he went down this road.

Johnson said: "He (Putin) said: 'Boris, you are saying that Ukraine will not join NATO anytime soon (...) What do you mean anytime soon?"

The former British Prime Minister replied: “Well, you will not be joining NATO in the near future. You know that very well.'

"At one point he kind of threatened me and said, 'Boris, I don't want to hurt you, but with a missile, it will take a minute or something like that.'"

The documentary chronicles the growing divide between the Russian leader and the West in the years leading up to the invasion of Ukraine.

Also in this documentary, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky tells how he was angry at the position of Westerners at the time, and says: “If you know that Russia will invade Ukraine tomorrow, why don't you give me something I can stop it with today? Or if you can't give it to me, then stop it yourselves.'