The eighth anniversary of the martyrdom of Peshmerga Hucam Surchi

The eighth anniversary of the martyrdom of Peshmerga Hucam Surchi

Jan 25 2023

ARK News… January 25, 2023, marks the eighth anniversary of the martyrdom of the Peshmerga, Hucam Surchi, who was martyred by ISIS in a horrific manner.

About the martyr:

The martyr Hucam Abdulrahman Surchi was born in 1970, in the region of Rovian town, Bardarash district, Duhok Governorate, Kurdistan Region.

He joined the Peshmerga forces in 1991 and was captured by ISIS, during one of the confrontations between the Peshmerga and ISIS.

On January 25, 2015, he was martyred by a knife slaughter by a terrorist named Miwaffaq As’ad Iskandar, who was subsequently killed in a special operation by the Peshmerga forces carried out in the city of Mosul.

A large statue of the martyr Hucam Surchi was erected in the center of the Rovian district in honor of his memory, and the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Ministry of Peshmerga sponsored the family of the martyr.

The Peshmerga Hucam Surchi is considered a symbol of valor and courage, because of his glory, and indifference to the enemy, especially when he was captured, and until the implementation of the terrorist operation against him, his head was held up and raised and he refused to give in to the enemy.

Thousands of Peshmerga forces were martyred and injured, in their war against ISIS terrorist organization, in defense of Kurdistan and its people.