Afrin… Al-Amshat and Tahrir al-Sham impose royalties on Kurdish farmers in Shiye town

Afrin… Al-Amshat and Tahrir al-Sham impose royalties on Kurdish farmers in Shiye town

Nov 22 2022

ARK News... The Human Rights Organization in Afrin, on Sunday, November 20, 2022, revealed new violations against the remaining Kurds in the region, including arrests, royalties, and property seizure.

The organization said in a report: A group of members of the military police militia in the center of Jenderes town, on Thursday 17/11/2022, raided the village of Deir Ballout and kidnapped three citizens of the village on charges of dealing with the former de facto authority "Self-Administration" and serving compulsory in the ranks of its forces, and they are:
1-Ibrahim Izzat Haidar, 38 years old
2- Hassan Izzat Hussein, 44 years old
3- Muhammad Ahmed Suleiman, nicknamed Salo, 29 years old
While the young Ali Mustafa Isa, 30, "from the Arab component" was chased to kidnap him as well, but he managed to escape to an unknown destination.

It added: The so-called Muhammad al-Jassim, nicknamed Abu Amsha, from the militia of Sultan Suleiman Shah al-Amshat, the leader of the Free Syrian National Army, and allied with Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, classified on the lists of terrorism, “the ones in control of Shiye town, imposed royalties through the village Mukhtars on the indigenous Kurdish population from the owners of the olive fields, a sum of money amounting to 5 US dollars for each olive tree in the plain lands, and an amount of 3 US dollars for each tree in the mountainous lands, and using insults and obscene words in his speech, and threatening anyone who rejects his arbitrary decisions with beatings and accusing him of standing against the revolution of freedom and dignity that he seeks day and night in front of his group of thieves and bullies.

The organization continued: Muhammad al-Jassim, nicknamed Abu Amsha, imposed on a citizen of the village of Khalil of Shiye town a sum of money amounting to 3000 US dollars as a royalty for the olive fields he owned near the village of Sarya of Mabata town. The Free Syrians, who are in control of the village of Sarya, are asking for royalties from the same Kurdish man under the pretext of protecting his fields located within the areas under their security and military control, from armed thieves who control Shiye town.

The organization clarified that one of the settlers, Abu Ayman, from the village of Qabtan al-Jabal, returned the land that he rented a year ago, at a value of $500, from the citizen Abdullah Oso from the village of Burj Abdalo - Sherawa, whose contract expires on 01/11/2022, but the owner of the land rented it again to the citizen Mustafa Darwish from the village of Kafr Zitte - Sherawa, at a value of 1500 US dollars, who began plowing the land to cultivate it, but the settler Abu Ayman stipulated that the tenant receive a sum of 2000 US dollars to waive the investment of the land, but the citizen Mustafa Darwish refused his request, here, the settler went to the city of Afrin to file a complaint against him before the Free Police, "Political Security", accusing him of opposing the revolution of freedom and dignity, but the "Free" police, instead of conducting an investigation and knowing the circumstances of the case, kidnapped the owner of the land on Friday evening, 18/11/2022. He was taken to the security headquarters in the city of Afrin.