What is the fate of the kidnapped Yazidi Kurds and how many survivors? "Saving the Yazidis" reveals to ARK the details

Oct 03 2022

ARK News... Khairi Bozani, head of the Yezidi Kurdish Rescue Office in Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan Region, on Saturday, October 1, 2022, said that the QSD prevents them from reaching the Yezidi Kurds in the al-Hol camp in Syrian Kurdistan Syria.

Bozani spoke about the important statistics regarding the kidnapped Yezidi Kurds and their survivors: Since 2014, due to the terrorist attack by ISIS on the city of Shingal, 6,417 Kurdish Yezidis have been abducted, while we were able to rescue 3,555 from Al-Hol camp and other areas occupied by ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

Bozani added, during his participation in the ARK Newsletter on Saturday: The Office of Saving the Yezidi Kurds, which is supervised by Nechirvan Barzani, President of the Kurdistan Region, is the only office in the world that works to rescue the Yezidi Kurds amid neglect by the Syrian and Iraqi parties and the SDF in working to uncover the fate of the remaining kidnapped Kurds.

Bozani continued: Eighty percent of the survivors, the rescue operations were in coordination with our office, while the other section took place by various other means. Al-Hol camp and other camps and areas, and unfortunately many of them will not dare to reveal themselves. Since the handover of power by the Syrian Democratic Forces in the Al-Hol camp, they have been working to distort the facts.

He affirmed: We communicated with SDF directly and indirectly through the media, but they prevented us from reaching the al-Hol camp, and we repeatedly demanded that they do not mix humanitarian matters with politics, but for unconvincing reasons and with flimsy pretexts, SDF still refuses to reveal the fate of the rest, not only of the Yezidi Kurds but there are Christians and perhaps Shiite Kurds as well.

In his speech, Bozani indicated that the survivors assure us that the SDF asked them to enlist under the pretext of fighting ISIS and taking revenge, and some were deceiving them, while the second asked to return to his relatives.

At the end of his intervention, Khairi Bozani, head of the Yazidi Kurdish Rescue Office in Erbil, likened the al-Hol camp to the French Bastille prison and said it was not reasonable that the SDF could not do its duty and rid the Yezidi Kurds, in addition to covering up and not revealing the facts, it is fabricating charges against our office.