The Drone War In the Middle East

The Drone War In the Middle East

Aug 13 2022

Written by: Sharif Ali
ARK News… Remotely piloted aircraft (drones), or what they are called, entered the military service as a matter of reconnaissance and intelligence activity with the end of the Cold War and the unipolar phase, and after a period of no more than twenty years until it became an effective element synonymous with warplanes within the military air arsenal of dozens of countries at the level of The world, by providing it with light weapons and devices designed to follow ground targets, to later become within the reach of the authorities of most countries experiencing internal tensions and civil wars due to their low costs and ease of use, in order to use them to strike the bases of opponents of their regimes or even those who seek to participate with them.

Israel was a pioneer in employing drones for military services in the Middle East. Turkey considers one of the countries that hastened to catch up with it in terms of using and manufacturing this type of aircraft equipped with tracking devices and medium weapons and under various names, perhaps the most prominent of which is the pretext of fighting terrorism and protecting the unity of the Turkish state to strike the bases and headquarters of the Workers’ Party PKK In northern and southern Kurdistan, to reach the stage of producing an advanced generation of these planes, and given their effectiveness in this direction, many countries in the region have largely acquired marches, such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Israel, which owns a fleet of these planes, intended for the purposes of espionage, reconnaissance, surveillance and to carry out attacks. Rather, it proceeded to manufacture them locally and even developed them to suit the geography of the combat zones. Not only that, but Iran has been supplying its terrorist arms in the region - Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Houthis in Yemen, and the Shiite crowd militias in Iraq, while Turkey has turned to supply the militias loyal to it and its mercenaries in Syria Libya, Azerbaijan, and even exported to several countries, including Europe - Ukraine is a model.

It has become noticeable in a remarkable way the escalation of the use of marches in the Middle East, which have turned into incentives for armed actions through a series of advantages, in addition to the strategic depth of their operations and the ease of reaching specific goals, especially from the American and Turkish sides, within undoubted coordination. In which the Turkish rallies almost daily target leaders of the Workers’ Party within the Syrian borders, where the Kurdish areas are under American influence, as well as northern areas of the Kurdistan Region, we find, from time to time, American strikes with rallies in the Syrian areas occupied by Turkey as part of its campaign against the Islamic State and the liquidation of its senior leaders. It reflects the reality of the intellectual exchanges between the two countries and the essence of the American position on the Syrian Democratic Forces and its view of it. Besides, we find that Iran has spared no effort in its use of marches as part of its assassination activities on the Iraqi, Lebanese, Yemeni and Syrian arenas, and in the hands of local experts hired from those countries to continue implementing its agendas in the region.

This turbulent military scene in the Middle East does not take place in isolation from an international policy that encompasses understandings at the international and regional levels towards the region as preliminary stages for engineering the region and imposing a new geopolitical project that may topple everything that exists and restructure the region with the perspective of updated spheres of influence for the forces with the influential decision in the matter This is confirmed by the Washington-based Middle East Research Institute through its vision of this scene “that the Middle East is facing a catastrophic change in geopolitics with the beginning of the era of drones.” Especially if we know that international humanitarian law is devoid of criminalizing what is considered a robot and everything it commits on the battlefields, the hands of all parties that have provided their arsenals with unmanned aircraft (Drones).

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