Hadi Al-Bahra:

Hadi Al-Bahra: "Nervous should turn into a general Syrian national holiday"

Mar 23 2022

ARK News… On the occasion of Newroz, the Kurdish New Year, the European Center for Kurdish Studies held a dinner in Geneva today, March 22, 2022, in which members of the opposition and civil society delegations who are now participating in the activities of the seventh round of Syrian constitutional negotiations under the auspices of the United Nations were invited, in addition to a number of diplomats and representatives of international missions such as the US envoy in Geneva.

In his speech, the co-chair of the Syrian Constitutional Committee Hadi al-Bahra stated that Newroz should turn into a general Syrian national holiday, which all Syrians celebrate alongside their Kurdish brothers, given that respecting the privacy of all ethnicities is a national duty for all.

For his part, Kamiran Hajo, the representative of the Kurds in the mini-constitutional committee, explained that Newroz is a holiday of freedom and a symbol of the victory of good over evil and injustice. The tireless work of freedom advocates to resolve all outstanding issues with the Syrian components, including the Kurdish issue in which the regimes tried to obliterate it.

For his part, Hawas Saadoun from the advisory team of the European Center for Kurdish Studies thanked the members of the Constitutional Committee who responded to the center's invitation and offered blessings to the Kurdish people on the occasion of Newroz and said that it is a pleasure for all Syrians to celebrate the special occasions of all components.

It is noteworthy that the seventh round of the Syrian constitutional negotiations in Geneva began on the twenty-first of this March, and will continue until the twenty-fifth, and many members of the opposition delegation are still resentful of the lack of delay in the negotiating process, accusing the regime delegation of procrastination.