Afrin... Condemnation from ENKS about ongoing violations in Afrin

Afrin... Condemnation from ENKS about ongoing violations in Afrin

Nov 29 2021

ARK News… The General Secretariat of the Kurdish National Council in Syria, on Sunday, November 28, 2021, issued a statement to public opinion condemning the ongoing violations in the Afrin region of Syrian Kurdistan, especially in Shiye town, which is under the control of Al-Amshat militia.

The statement stated: "The militia affiliated with the so-called Abu Amsha on 24/11/2021, raided a mourning tent in Shiye town of Afrin city, which is located in front of the house of the citizen Mustafa Khalil Sheikho, and they beat the tent owner, the mourners and his son, and then confiscated the cellular devices of the mourners and arrested the citizens:

1 - Khalil Mustafa Sheikho
2- Abdul Rahman Mustafa Sheikho
3 - Ammar Suleiman Sheikho

The statement added: "All of this took place in response to the "Response of Grievances" committee returning 300 containers of olive oil that the armed group had looted from the people of Shiye town"

The statement continued: On 11/12, the Muhammad Al-Fateh faction arrested the citizen Sarbast Akash Brim from the village of Ma’mala of Rajo town, and the military police in Afrin on 24/11 raided the house of some citizens and arrested Azad Jamil Nabu and Shiraz Abboud Khalosi.

.The statement stressed: "The Kurdish National Council strongly condemns these crimes and intimidating acts against the people of Afrin by armed groups, especially the militia affiliated with Abu Amsha, which is known for its terrorist practices of looting and insulting Kurdish citizens and imposing royalties on them, calling for the immediate release of all detainees."

to the Kurdish National Council in Syria appealed "Human rights organizations and the international community, especially Turkey, the state whose military forces control the region, to stop these terrible violations that occur continuously by armed groups that are now humiliating the people and pushing them to migrate to complete the demographic change project that is in full swing."