They target Afrin to prevent the return of the people

They target Afrin to prevent the return of the people

Aug 19 2021

By Dr. Abdul Hakim Bashar

It is no longer a secret to those who follow the news of the return of the people of Afrin to their towns and villages, that the targeting of the city of Afrin today with grenades is conclusive evidence that the party that bombed the city is totally against the return of the people to their homes and villages, which means that just because the people return to their villages and towns, the biggest loser from the return will be the party that invests their political and military presence there, and above it uses them as human shields in the humiliation camps in the al-Shahba region.

Greetings, then, to the heroes of return in Afrin, who defied the siege imposed on them in the camps, and who returned despite the obstacles they expect after the return, and the shells of hatred and hatred today were only further evidence that the return of the people annoys and enrages the party that targeted the area. The march of return began a month ago, whether for those who were in the prisoner sanctuary in al-Shahba camp, which is supervised by the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) or the rest of the areas in which they are located, remains a real uprising. The uprising back to the roots, despite all the difficulties they faced and despite the efforts of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) to prevent them from returning, and thus the continuation of selling illusions to them with auxiliary parties who wear other gowns, those parties whose activities were and are still pouring into the mill of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), by spreading terror and fear among the people of Afrin to discourage their resolve and determination to return.

Yes, it is a real uprising because it broke the barrier of fear, did not feel delusional, and did not pay attention to the trumpets of Facebook who broadcast and are still spreading terror and fear and sell illusions to the people of Afrin, and where some of them made the tragedy of the people a public or political investment project.

It is necessary that the return march confirms the authenticity of the people of Afrin and the depth of their connection to their land, and, in turn, we salute them and tighten their hands, and we thank everyone who contributed to facilitating their return, and we hope that the victorious return march will continue for all the people of Afrin. We also hope that the people of Serê Kaniye and the rest of the region, and we mean the whole of the Al Jazeera, will follow the example of the heroic people of Afrin, who have proven that they are true heroes, because they broke the restrictions imposed on them in the al-Shahba camps, and they are ready to face all the difficulties that may encounter them after returning.

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