The American project to make the QSD a national force is at stake

The American project to make the QSD a national force is at stake

Aug 04 2021

By Dr. Abdul Hakim Bashar

ARK News... America has bet a lot on the possibility of disengaging the Democratic Union Party (PYD) and its affiliates and tools such as: “Revolutionary Youth” or those military parties operating within the ranks of the Syrian Democratic Forces “QSD” from the leadership of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in “Qandil” and thus making it a Syrian national force, however, the disengagement process seems far-fetched and not easy to achieve, given that the ideological dependency of the PKK is confirmed day after day and every time through media statements issued by the leaders of the PYD or QSD.

And since this pattern of thinking and the desire of the political parties to disengage the two parties prompted America to sponsor the dialogue between the Kurdish National Council (ENKS) and the Democratic Union (PYD) with its annexes under the name PYNK, the practices of the PYD militias during the dialogue period, including the martyrdom of comrade Amin al-Ali under torture in a brutal manner which constitutes an act of terrorism par excellence, and then the successive statements of the leaders of the PYD and QSD, the latest of which was the statement of Mahmoud Rash (Barkhadan), in which he declared that QSD will stand by the PKK fighters in any conflict within the legal and sovereign borders of the Kurdistan region of Iraq, and in which he unequivocally confirms the subordination of the QSD to the leadership of the PKK in Qandil, and who explicitly said that QSD will not be neutral when the fighting erupts, and the side that the QSD forces will stand by is clear and its position is clear in this regard, and the QSD will not be neutral, that is, those forces will be a party, and the party that will be on its side is the PKK, which is listed on the US and European terrorism list.

Which makes the American bet without real and tangible pressure a loser in the possibility of making the PYD and the QSD a Syrian national force, just as the PYD and its affiliates use the Syrian Kurds for foreign agendas that have nothing to do with the Kurdish issue or the Syrian national issue as a whole, and also shows the extent of the damage caused by this anti-Kurdish faction and its rights, in addition to the damage it caused to the Kurdish cause and the attempt to isolate it nationally and link it to suspicious foreign agendas.

I think that it is time for the United States of America to reconsider its support for these parties under any name, and if it is really interested in getting rid of the control of the Qandil leaders over the PYD and QSD, it must exert concrete and effective pressure and according to a specific timetable, in order to disengage a real connection between the branch and the parent and the termination of that relationship.

It is also time for the Kurds of Syria to rise up in the face of this organization and tell it to stop its terrorist practices. It is enough for a group of ignorant people to rule the fate of the people of our regions in which there are experts and certificates who are able to manage themselves in the best way, enough with your driving our youth, like ostriches to the guillotine of death in service of the agendas of Qandil and the forces that run them, enough with the quarries of ideological, from which only those with limited horizons and those who have lost sight and insight will graduate, and enough of their blatant interference in all the affairs of our lives. We are not soldiers on call for the leaders of Qandil and their gelatinous goals.

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