Military police arrest three members of a pro-Turkish armed group in rural Afrin

Military police arrest three members of a pro-Turkish armed group in rural Afrin

Sep 23 2018

ARK News: The military police in Rajo town arrested three members of the Liwaa el-Shamal in the village of Shiekh Bila belonging to Rajo town, on the background of their carrying out and fetching a few days ago of more than 15 displaced families and a car full of men and another full of packages of olive bags to rob the olive harvest belonging to the villagers by force of arms.

“The military police arrested on Monday three members of Liwaa el-Shamal who controlled the village of Sheikh Bilal (Şêx Bila), after they had brought several days before of more than 15 of displaced Arab families and a car full of men and others filled with olive packages and distributed among the fields to harvest the olives by force, but all the villagers objected to the settlers and the gunmen and prevented them from entering the olive fields”, a special source told to ARK News.

According to the same source, "The gunmen threatened the people to arrest them, but the villagers insisted on preventing them entering among trees, and a clash took place with the elements and officials of that armed group who have been brought corruption to the village, then the residents complained to the military police in Rajo town and police arrested three of them who insisted to collect the olive harvest, then those families returned where they came in the midst of the threat and intimidation to people and hearing them offensive words. "

It is noteworthy that the pro-Turkish armed groups, which participated in the occupation of Afrin region, committed dozens of crimes against citizens of the sons the region, such as murder, kidnapping, looting, theft and burning crops, the seizure of property of citizens, as well as the destruction of monuments and religious, the latest of which is the robbery of the olive harvest to the people of the region despite the decision of the interim government affirms not to prejudice the olive harvest under the responsibility.