Saeed Omar: Lashkari Roj and the historical extension of the Kurdistan Liberation Movement

Saeed Omar: Lashkari Roj and the historical extension of the Kurdistan Liberation Movement

Sep 18 2018

ARK News: The Kurdish memory does not need to exert much effort and trouble to recall the honorable stations in the history of Kurdish Syria and their continuous struggle with the Kurdistan Liberation Movement. Especially that the grandchildren marched in the footsteps of parents and grandparents; they carried the banner of the Kurdish nationalist thought and the desire to build and give and made for that noble goal their blood and sacrifices.

Lashkari Roj. The loins of God in the earth, and the banners in the sky, and the apostles of freedom. They are not the emergency event, nor the temporary or new station. They are briefly summarized the historical extension of the struggles of the Kurdish people in Kurdistan, Syria, within the ranks of the Peshmerga since the September Revolution and the amount of sacrifices they made, through the revolution of Gulan, and what they were privatized for the sake of glory and the rise of the Kurdistan flag and the geographical borders of Kurdistan to the Kurdish uprising and the great rush they made for that day they dreamed of it.

Since the beginning of the revolutions of Kurdistan in Kurdistan of Iraq, the Kurdish people in Syria were as the strategic depth of the Kurdistan Liberation Movement, even in the movement of legitimacy in Kurdistan since 1992 until 1997 they had a leading role to maintain the gains of Kurdistan and prevent Iraq from demolition and destruction.

The Kurdish people in the western part of Kurdistan( Kurdistan of Syria) were the backbone of the Peshmerga structure, and the number of leaders and officers from the Kurdistan region of Syria in the Peshmerga ranks since the September Revolution until today, is the best evidence of the extent and magnitude of the sacrifices and appreciation and attention and respect they received by President Masoud Barzani, Barzani The immortal, because of their services and provide themselves for the neutrality of Kurdistan, only evidence of high esteem for them among the Kurdistan political leadership.

Today, "Peshmerga Roj"( Lashkari Roj) bears the banner of their ancestors in emancipation and liberation from slavery, evil and darkness. But they live the luxury of the legacy of their ancestors. They live the best and the most dangerous stage passes by Kurdistan and other parts of Iraq. They were the steel arm in repelling organized attacks calling for the fiercer, worst, and most dangerous terrorist of the radical organization, barbaric and terrorist organizations of the present century.

When young men and women of Peshmerga Roj confront to protect the women and children of Kurdistan from danger, and when they provide hundreds of wounded and martyrs in order to protect the pillars of the Kurdish nation, and when Peshmerga promoted the arm of the souls of the hooligans conspiring on the noblest steps of the Kurds in the modern era, Historical Kurdistan, then we realize that the extent of organic and structural link between them and the dust of Kurdistan.

The Abrams tank, which has been turned into a junk in the hands of the Hashed el-Shabby, and still the incident of Kopri and Aski Mosul and the rest of the areas that Peshmerga promoted from breaking the brutal attack of ISIS and the and the Hashed el-Shabby and Iraqi army is proof of the greatness of these heroes, their struggle against death, and urged them to step in the direction of the Kurdish state.

"Peshmerga Roj” promoted " Barzani's appeal, saying: "To bless you, our hope, and the future of our homeland." For the referendum we make our blood and welcome the testimony so that the sons and daughters of Kurdistan will enjoy a future without death on the identity, we die to live Kurdistan.

When mothers receive the bodies of their martyrs in the west of the Tigris River with flowers and blessings, and when their parents receive congratulations, and when the brothers of these heroes stand to greet the well-wishers with a smile of victory, do we know which of these great Kurds ?! The greatness of the Fathers manifested in sending their children to take the place of their brethren the martyrs, not to avenge, nor to avenge, nor to heal, not to kill their murderer. Only for the continuation of the struggle and the liberation movement of Kurdistan.

These are the people promoted to Peshmerga Roj. The descendants of Barzani, the sons of Masoud Barzani, and the brother of Masror Barzani. Did anyone ask: Why did tens of thousands prefer fighting, martyrdom, struggle and sleep in the battlefields of death and prefer to death to travel to the bliss of Europe? Simply because of their national ideology, and their high Kurdish sense. They do not look at Hawler unless it is like Qamishlo, Dirk, Amouda, Afrin, and Kobany.

Those are the founders of the next stage, which we must be on the level of responsibility towards them, and for the development and activate their role in the Kurdistan Syria soon.

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