Peshmerga Abdul Hadi Darwish signs his book

Peshmerga Abdul Hadi Darwish signs his book "Freedom Road"

Apr 02 2021

ARK News… The Peshmerga and a member of the Area Council of the Kurdistan Democratic Party - Syria PDK-S Abdul Hadi Darwish issued the first of his new work (Freedom Road), on Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Regarding this, Abdul Hadi Darwish and a member of the Area Council of the PDK-S stated on the website of the Kurdistan Democratic Party - Syria. "It is the biography of the martyrs, as well as their heroic features that they wrote down in history, those who sacrificed their lives to preserve our land and honor, and made their pure bodies a sacrifice for the country in which they believed and wished martyrdom for its sake, and they had what they wanted, they are rightly companions of the prophets, God has immortalized them in his paradise, so how can we not nest these people in our conscience and our hearts, for these were and will remain the broad title of the history of our nation that was written with blood.

Darwish added, so I decided to write their autobiography in the pages of history so that we could fulfill a little of their right in order to follow the path of freedom that was made easy for us thanks to them and to infuse our sacred soil with the fragrance of their testimony.

Darwish explained, Freedom Road talks about heroes from Syrian Kurdistan who had participated in defending the land of Kurdistan 60 years ago and to this day alongside their Kurdish brothers in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq until they were martyred, they are the Roj Peshmerga forces, who wrote great heroic epics in the history of Syrian Kurdistan, against successive dictatorial regimes and governments, and extremist terrorist organizations that tried to desecrate the soil of Kurdistan and break the will of its people.

Source: PDK-S website