Afrin... Al-Amshat imposes $ 8 for each olive tree, by force, in Shiye township

Afrin... Al-Amshat imposes $ 8 for each olive tree, by force, in Shiye township

Oct 11 2020

ARK News: A Human Rights Organization working to document violations in the Kurdish region of Afrin reported on its main page of Facebook, today, 011.10.2020, that Since the entry of the Turkish forces with armed groups and factions into Afrin, March 2018, and until 08/30/2020, the elements of the armed militias affiliated with the Arab settlers, under the direct direction of the Turkish forces and with the complicity of the Syrian Interim Government and the Syrian National Coalition, intended the process of impoverishing the Kurdish people in the Kurdish region of Afrin, through the destruction of the economic infrastructure, whether commercial, industrial or agricultural, which constitutes the basic income of the Kurdish citizens of Afrin regional, and today Al Amshat imposes on each Kurdish citizen 8 dollars of each olive tree.

The Organization added that Armed militia members of the Sultan Suleiman Shah faction of al-Amshat, led by Muhammad al-Jassim, nicknamed Abu Amsha, have mastered the methods of theft, plundering of olive crops from the villages of the Shiye township and its villages, similar to the leaders of the “Syrian National Army” in the rest of the aspects, and this is why the leaders of the groups affiliated with the faction issued decisions regarding their percentages. From the yield and production, which are determined as follows:

1- The proportion of the armed faction is 15% of the harvest of the forcibly displaced persons not accused of belonging to the previous administration, and an amount of 8 US dollars for each tree.

2- The faction percentage is 100% of the harvest of those accused of belonging to the PYD party and the previous administration, the forcibly displaced who are currently in the areas of al-Shahba and Aleppo.

3- The proportion of the armed faction is 8% of the production of the presses under their military control, and some of the presses were seized and operated for their benefit.

4- Determination of an amount of $ 2 USD in favor of the platoon for each tree, whether fruitful or non-fruitful for the people in their villages.

5- The percentage of the faction is 1/8 of the worker's wage, and his wage is set at an amount of 500 Syrian pounds every hour.

6- The price of the empty tank of olive oil is 3000 Syrian pounds, of which half a dollar is for the faction.