For Whom the Bell Tolls, I wonder

For Whom the Bell Tolls, I wonder

Feb 03 2020

By: Ali Muslim

ARK News .. As soon as the American envoy James Jeffrey finishes his regional tour on the situation in Syria, immediately a similar tour starts with the Russian president Putin envoy and Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov in the same context, as if they are sharing time at the same pace, just as they share roles, and indeed, rarely do all goals meet on the same bank, especially those of great powers, for every goal has a bank, and the seemingly incompatible interests and occasional attraction in spite of the different path and timing.

Each one of them strives to achieve the goal of his country, and what most of their goals in this regard, they are ultimately roosters, who are not only good at shouting in their local courtyards, but they are able to play in all patios and squares, and on all ropes and mountains as long as this falls within the category of goals and interests, and at the same time subject to power equations, what is the benefit of power if it does not give way to wide control, in the sight and hearing of everyone?

James Jeffrey is striving to enhance the role of America in the future of Syria, and to reach arrangements in accordance with the Turkish guarantor at any cost, after realizing that the Geneva track is dying and that the dominance may be for a path of Astana, and the other seeks similar arrangements according to what the interest of his country considers compatible with Iran, through its wards in Damascus, is, after all, representing the envoy of necessity and a distinguished Kremlin man for difficult missions.

A new package of international interests is surfacing again, and it is not necessary that it touches the English map of Sykes and French Pecco in anything, but it may come as a supplement to the consequences of that map that bitten our dreams one day, this package, in turn, will meet with a similar package of strategic interests of some influential regional states, and these interests did not seem to emulate, even reluctantly, the interests of some local groups who are defeated over its affairs here or there, away from everything related to the interest of the country, it is ultimately a will of super powers, and small states seemed not to comply with their orders, whatever the price, at all times the price was high and very high.

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