Afrin ... Armed groups are changing Kurdish paintings and names to give an Arab and Turkish character

Afrin ... Armed groups are changing Kurdish paintings and names to give an Arab and Turkish character

Aug 09 2018

ARK News: The Pro-Turkish army armed groups deliberately, a few days ago, to change the Kurdish paintings and names in the streets and courtyards, and to put plates and boards in Arabic and Turkish instead, to an attempt by them to give the Kurdish region with an Arab and Turkish character, in addition to the continuation of operations of the looting and robbery, kidnapping and killing against the citizens of the Kurds in Afrin region.

These unruly armed groups over the past two days changed the names of three circle roads in the city of Afrin into other Arabic names, in addition to writing a sign written in Turkish new names and the Turkish and the Syrian opposition flags, a private source from the city of Afrin told ARK News. "

"The name of the Circle road of Kawa Al Haddad near the new Al-Hal market has been changed to “Martyrs Circle 18/3/2018", which Referring to the day of the entry of those forces in the city of Afrin and occupation it, the name of Nawrouz Circle, which is located at the intersection of West Motorway Road, "Villas Road" with Rajo Road, was changed to "Saladin Al-Ayoubi Circle", where a banner was hung on the circle road with the name written in Arabic and Turkish with the Turkish and the Syrian opposition flags on it at the upper end. They also named the main market street in the city near the former “Watani Circle” and opposite the Saraya building square of the "President Recep Tayyip Erdogan” name, told the same source."

"This racist act aroused the anger of region people, where the people considered that this behavior is a deliberate an attempt to change the features of the Kurdish region, and remove all Kurdish symbols from the names of streets and signs and street board written in Kurdish to Arabic, and an evidence of the insistence of these armed groups to erase the history of the Kurdish region without taking into account the privacy of the region, which is the Kurds are 98 percent of its indigenous population before the coming of the de facto authority of the so-called self-management and then the Turkish occupation and armed groups, the source pointed out.”

It is noteworthy that pro-Turkish army armed groups, which participated in the occupation of the city of Afrin, committed dozens of crimes against the residents of Afrin, such as murder, kidnapping, robbery, theft, burning crops, and appropriating citizens' property, as well as the destruction of archaeological and religious monuments and deliberately set fire to trees of the forests, and now these factions change Kurdish features to the Arabic and Turkish, the purpose of which is to destroy the infrastructure of the Kurdish region and change its demographics and landmarks.