Afrin .. Al-Hamzat determines a very cheap price for wheat at 105 SP and barley at 65 SP
The photo is in one of the plains of Afrin area

Afrin .. Al-Hamzat determines a very cheap price for wheat at 105 SP and barley at 65 SP

Jul 10 2019

ARK News: Al-Hamzat militias identified the price of selling wheat and barley in Jenderes below the price which specified in the regime's areas and issued a decision to force Kurdish farmers to sell the crop to them, noting that the mentioned faction sells the crop to the regions of the regime, Turkey and the opposition regions at a price higher than that imposed on the Kurdish peasants.

The Human Rights Organization in Afrin said in a report on Monday 8/7/2019: "Armed militias of the Hamzat faction starting on 01/07/2019 of forcing farmers in Jenderes town to sell their wheat and barley crop to them through an office under the so-called name of" Economic Office" and at the prices they specified as follows:

First: Wheat prices range from 105 to 110 Syrian pounds while they sell it at a price ranging from 140 to 150 Syrian pounds.
Second: Barley prices range between 65 to 75 Syrian pounds and they sell it at a price ranging between 120 - 130 Syrian pounds.

The Organization added: "They threat every citizen with the difficult fate to sell his crop to wholesalers in the local market and once they hear the presence of a dealer from outside the administrative regions of the town they beat and expel him. As for how to manage the procurement there are several ways:

1- Contacting with merchants in the regions of the regime and the agreement on prices and delivery methods to Nubil and Zahra, that holding the transport expenses and its percentage does not exceed 10% of the crop.

2- Contacting the Turkish merchants through the "Turkish Agricultural Cooperative" and selling them at a price lower than the prices of the regions of the regime because they are responsible for transportation expenses and accounted for almost 60% of the crop, and that is the same cooperative that bought with the same way in favor of a Turkish merchant named Tamer Keridi, through some powerful people in the administration. This time, however, other traders, who are part of the coalition and the Syrian interim government, took advantage of them to cut the way for their predecessors in buying oil and pyrene. "

3- Contacting with some traders in the province of Idlib who belong to Tahrir Al-Sham "former Al-Nasra Front" and its percentage estimates 30% of the crop.

The Syrian regime has set the price of wheat for the year 2019 at 180 SP and the barely at 130 SP, thus, there is a difference between the specified price by the regime and Al-Hamzat at 75 Syrian pounds for wheat and 65 for barley.