Syrian Coalition Meets With US State Department Delegation to Discuss Latest Syria Developments

Syrian Coalition Meets With US State Department Delegation to Discuss Latest Syria Developments

Jun 29 2019

ARK News: The Syrian Coalition discussed the latest political developments regarding Syria with a delegation from the US State Department on Friday. Both sides also discussed the international efforts to reinvigorate the Geneva process in accordance with the UN Security Council resolutions, especially resolutions 2118 and 2254.

The meeting brought together a delegation from the Coalition headed by President Abdurrahman Mustafa and a delegation from the US State Department headed by Richard Outzen, senior adviser to the US envoy to Syria. They discussed the latest field and political developments in Syria, including most notably the latest military escalation by the regime and Russia in northwestern Syria and Iran’s growing influence in the institutions of the army and security as well as the Syrian society.

President Mustafa said that the US delegation “briefed us about the latest developments," pointing out that there is still an opportunity for progress in the political process, especially in the event of the formation of an expanded international group to support the efforts of the UN envoy to form the Constitutional Committee. He also said there is still an opportunity for working on the negotiating process in Geneva and for discussing the rest of baskets of governance, elections, and the fight against terrorism in parallel.

President Mustafa thanked the US delegation for the efforts their country is exerting to de-escalate the situation in Syria and reach a nationwide ceasefire. He stressed the graveness of the regime’s continued bombing of civilians as well as healthcare facilities and residential buildings and the targeting of the Turkish observation points.

Moreover, President Mustafa said that the regime forces must withdraw to the pre-September 2018 lines, pointing to the need for forcing the Assad regime to abide by the ceasefire.

The Coalition’s representatives reviewed the situation of the Syrian refugees in Lebanon and the grave violations taking place against them. They stressed the need to take swift action to bring these violations to an end and ensure the refugees’ safety. They also stressed the need for US and international action to respond to the needs of the displaced persons in the Rukban camp near the Jordanian border and al-Hol IDP camp in al-Hasaka province as well as to ensure their safety and meet their needs.

The Coalition praised the Turkish and US efforts to reach agreements on northeastern Syria that ensure the protection and safety of the Syrian and Turkish peoples as well as their national security and territorial integrity.

The two sides exchanged views on the foundations of governance systems in the liberated areas in a way that brings greater stability and security for these areas and their inhabitants in all their components. They agreed that such governance needs also to contributes to the ultimate elimination of terrorist organizations and extremist ideology and strengthen the unity of the Syrian people and maintain Syria’s territorial integrity.

President Mustafa underscored the importance of eliminating the root causes of extremism, especially the presence of the Iranian sectarian militias and Iran's interference in the internal affairs of Syria.

He also stressed the need for the withdrawal of these militias from Syria and putting an end to the interference of the Iranian regime in Syria’s internal affairs.

Both sides stressed the need to activate accountability and transitional justice as well as the economic sanctions and legal action.

Source: Syrian Coalition